My Philosophy

My philosophy is all about creating a happy and healthy body and mind. It’s about keeping things simple and delicious so you don’t feel bored or deprived. I believe that a positive attitude towards movement and health are they key to success.

Enjoy Exercise – Move and Breathe

Don’t use exercise as punishment or as a chore in your life. Find workouts and activities that you actually enjoy doing! Then you will look forward to moving your body instead of dreading it or making excuses. This positive attitude is key to being fit and active. I don’t want to see you slugging it out at a bootcamp because you think you have to. Dance, stretch, do pilates, yoga, walk, swim. Just move.

Eat foods which nourish your body

Once again, attitude goes a long way with food. Focus on all the delicious and nutritious recipes you can make that will fuel your body and keep you healthy. Don’t focus on the foods you might have to give up or eat less of. What you focus on creates your reality.

Live chemical free

Another big part of my healthy lifestyle is to live clean. I eat organic foods without the hundreds of nasty pesticides sprayed on them. I use microfibre cloths and vinegar to clean my house and use amazing organic skincare and makeup. I don’t wear toxic perfume or drink out of plastic. I wash my clothes in natural products, brush my teeth with non-fluoride and chemical free toothpaste and drink alkaline filtered water. Cleaning up your personal environment can have huge positive benefits from lowering your risk of cancer and other diseases, reducing chemicals that disrupt and mimic your hormones plus much more.

Meditate each day

It could be for 3 minutes, or 10 minutes or an hour… as long as you actually do it. Set an alarm, go somewhere quiet and listen to a guided meditation. I don’t have the attitude of ‘I can’t meditate’. Some days are easier than others. You may hear the whole meditation and follow along or not hear a word of it. That’s totally fine, you at least tried. Practice meditation often and reap the amazing benefits of being calm, living in the present and enjoying the moment, all with increased gratitude towards life and your self.

Stretch and Foam Roll

Stretching and Rolling keep your muscles supple, loose and balanced. This will keep injuries at bay and making moving feel easier and more enjoyable. I always keep my swiss ball and roller near my couch and use it in front of the TV or play some music to help wind down at night.

Always be learning and growing

I am always open to new ideas, new ways to help the environment, new workouts and health information from clinical studies. Your body is so precious, don’t just do an exercise for the sake of doing it. Find out specifically what your body needs to feel better and do that. You can download my free Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire which helps you discover exactly what your body is trying to tell you and what it needs to be at its best. Get it HERE. Take control of your body and your health, be your biggest fan and supporter.

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