Australia’s 10 Best Organic and Natural Products

Australia’s 10 Best Organic and Natural Products January 15, 2020

So what the hell is propylene glycol, formaldehyde, parabens, dioxane, ethylene oxide and acetaldehyde?! They are chemicals you won’t find in my bathroom cupboard, but are they in yours? It is now time to treat your skin, body and home the same way you make choices about the food you eat.

There is a common misconception in relation to the use of the word ‘Organic’. Currently in Australia and across the world there is little regulation surrounding the use of the word ‘Organic’ as companies can, and do mislead customers. The everyday Organic products commonly found on the supermarket shelves are far from organic, natural, safe pure and pesticide and chemical-free.

Ok ok, I will stop scaring you. You get the idea. It’s just time to make informed choices.

The best thing about only using certified organic skincare, supplements, cleaning products and homewares is the superior quality compared to conventional products. Bonus! Safer and better quality! Win-Win!

I have deeply researched Australia’s best organic and natural products and put them to the test! I love these products as part of my daily health and beauty routine and so will you! I also teach my A-list models and actresses about the dangers of constant exposure to chemical laden makeup and skincare and they just love how much better their skin and wellbeing is after switching.

I must mention that I have NOT been paid for recommending these products, the winners of each category have won me over for a reason:

They ALL pass my strict criteria:

1. They must smell, feel and/or taste amazing
2. Must be Certified Organic (they don’t just have one organic ingredient and 10 other toxic ones which can happen!)
3. Must come from a renewable, sustainable source and be environmentally friendly
4. Must not be tested on animals
5. Must be good for your health and provide clear benefits to your body
6. Are made in Australia with high-quality local ingredients and/or have fair worker ethics internationally.

1. Best Organic Makeup – Inika Organic

The #1 certified organic make-up brand, trusted worldwide and the makeup of choice for natural women everywhere. Winner of multiple cosmetic awards, outperforming even non-organic brands; INIKA Organic has smashed the myth that natural make-up has to compromise on performance or fashion.

I use Inika Makeup as not only is it free of chemicals and heavy metals but the quality is fantastic! I love the cheek illuminisors which give you such a nice glow. These Australian organic products are such an asset for us women who want zero toxins and chemicals on our face and skin but also want quality products that work.

2. Best Organic Spray Tan – EcoTan

The Eco Tan range was developed by the beautiful Sonya Driver on the Gold Coast. The Eco Tan range of self-tanners and spray tans are the only tanning products which are certified organics and completely safe of any nasty chemicals.

My beauty therapist Frida gives me regular Eco Tan Spray Tans and the colour is just perfect. They are not sticky and the colour is bronzed and brown, definitely not orange – it is actually made from organic cacao. It doesn’t smell and I am rest easy knowing that I am not covering myself in any chemicals.

3. Best Toxin Free Sunscreen – Ecologic

The FDA is currently reassessing the safety of the six common chemicals found in sunscreen: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. The most worrisome is oxybenzone, which can cause allergic skin reactions (Rodriguez 2006). In lab studies, it is a weak estrogen and has potent anti-androgenic effects (Krause 2012, Ghazipura 2017). Other studies show potential for unfavourable pregnancy outcomes when exposed to oxybenzone. Studies are still ongoing to determine whether the ingredients which penetrate the skin and can cause endocrine disruption, cancer or other health harms. Mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide which have been deemed safe. A handful of products combine zinc oxide with chemical filters.

I came across the Eco logical suscreen when I was pregnant and looking for a zero toxin sunscreen that worked, as another I tried didn’t and I got burnt when I went swimming. I got the Eco logical BABY sunscreen and used this throughout my whole pregnancy and didn’t get burnt once, while comforted that I was not putting chemicals on my body. I now use this same sunscreen on myself and my little bub with confidence.

4. Best Skincare Range – Kora Organics

Ok so probably my favourite beauty product I own is the Kora Organics Foaming Cleanser. It removes makeup, dirt and oil and leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed and amazing.

The beautiful Miranda Kerr has designed this whole skincare range, it is just stunning and definitely ticks all my above essential criteria. I’m now using the anti-aging products which are more designed for us over-30s women and my skin has never been better!

5. Best Organic Linen – Organature

Organature provide organic bedding, which is grown WITHOUT the use of synthetic chemicals. All Organature products are manufactured under agreement in Australia using only “Certified Organic Cotton” fabrics and filling and deliberately made to their even stricter than organic specifications. They create a clean, allergy free and healthy environment for their own family, friends and staff members in their purpose-built sewing room in Gippsland, Victoria.

These sheets are so soft! Also, less chemicals are used in their poplin cotton sheets than conventional cotton and with its soft and gentle feel, it’s the best choice for my bed as well as my newborn baby’s cot.

6. Best Organic Lip Balm – Hurraw!

This awesome lip balm is made in the USA, not Australia, but it is organic, free of chemicals and just amazing. There are other similar lip balms on the market but I just always go back to this one.

Made from blissful coconut oil or olive oil, paw paw, cocoa butter and Vitamin E I can use it regularly without worrying about eating chemicals. It comes in a range of natural flavours.

7. Best Organic Hair Products – EverEscents

Made in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, Everescents is high in healing protein and certified organic ingredients and formulas that address your hair needs and providing you clean, safe, salon quality good hair days!

I had a lot of hair damage from my straightener and curling wand but after just a few days of using the Everescents Organic Sweet Orange Blossom Remedy Treatment, my hair was so much stronger and healthier! The whole collection smells great, is great for you, enhances the manageability of your hair and is full of natural goodness.

8. Best Skin Serum – Glory Oil

Sonya Driver has fone it again with a sensational healing face oil – Glory Oil. This certified organic oil heals skin issues, moisturises and gives you an amazing glow. I use it morning and night on my face so stop dryness and wrinkles.

Don’t be scared of putting oil on your face, it won’t cause breakouts.. the opposite in fact. It will heal your skina nd stop dryness and cracks which let bacteria in, therefore causing breakouts.

9. Best Organic Chocolate

Pana Chocolate is a raw, certified organic, fair trade, vegan chocolate handmade in Melbourne. Made with organic nuts, goji berries, coconut flakes and pure 100% essential oils. A guilty pleasure that’s not so guilty after all.

The mint flavour of Pana Chocolate is just heaven really. You need 1-2 squares of this chocolate to fully satisfy any chocolate craving. I tried the Rose flavour in Melbourne which was amazing but can’t seem to find it in Queensland. Probably for the best though! I would definitely recommend the Mint or Orange flavour. You’re welcome.

10. Best Organic Hand Sanitizer – Dr. Bronners Organic Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer is not only a great method to clean your hands—it can also be used to kill bacteria on kitchen surfaces, classroom desks, and even smartphone screens! Non-GMO Verified, Certified USDA Organic, and Certified Fair Trade, Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer is a must-have.

This sanitizer smells amazing and gives me peace of mind that my hands are clean without chemicals.

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