Woolworths Thinks You Are A ‘Freak’ If You Grow Your Own Vegetables

michelle bridges

Woolworth’s new advertising campaign featuring personal trainer Michelle Bridges has labelled people who grow their own fruit and vegetables as ‘freaks’. The response of the Michelle Bridges soil eating video has luckily drawn more attention to the fact that the healthy, clean eating movement is really starting to take hold, with the mass majority of people appalled and shocked with the disgusting attempt to highjack the “healthy eating” and wellness movement.

I do not ever say negative comments against others, especially women in my industry, but I am so utterly disappointed in Michelle Bridges. As a health advocate with a loud voice and a vast reach to people across Australia, to advocate health as a pre-prepared, chemically preserved, microwaved, commercially lucrative product as an option to the goodness of homegrown vegetables is extremely worrying. Where is the care for our nation’s nutrition & well-being?

How will she explain herself to the thousands of people who work at and run community gardens and to the thousands of children who plant veggies at school? She thinks they will be healthier and happier with her plastic packaged, GMO frozen meals. Other health advocates need to step up with me to become a louder voice, leading the real food and the wellness workout revolution – which is another story in itself.

Woolworths couldn’t decide which was worse for the environment, plastic or cardboard, so they used both. Michelle Bridges thinks we should ‘wake up’ and realise it is better to cut down a tree and turn petrochemicals into plastic so people who can’t be bothered to prepare food can have one meal. After a week of selfishness, the bin is full of what was a tree and a heap of plastic film which takes thousands of years to break down.

So the people who grow their own veggies are dirt-eating freaks? Give me that kind of ‘freakism’ every day instead of Woolworths – the so-called ‘Fresh Food People’? What a pathetic joke on a common practice that big food chains would like to see go extinct. Wonder why? We need to band together and create a movement where it is normal everyday practice to shop at local markets and support independent families and farmers. These people bring us the ‘real’ fresh food.

So Woolworths, you can keep your nasty stuff in a box that has been in long term refrigeration & covered in heavy spraying. I have lost all respect and now hope that other wellness advocates can stand up and be heard over this. Enough is enough, the Wellness Exercise and Food Revolution is here and it’s only going to get stronger. People are waking up to outdated and unhealthy diet phases and now eating clean, real food to nourish their bodies to survive in this frenetic world. They are now enjoying exercise and workouts that Work In their energy and not Working Out into a stressed out heap full of cortisol by running on treadmills and doing bootcamps. This video is now a turning point into the acknowledgement that we will not support the unhealthy consumerism of mass corporations when it comes to our food quality and health. It is almost as bad as that TV show where they abuse over-weight individuals and scream at them until they injure themselves.

So what are your thoughts on this new advertisement? Let me know in the comments if you agree with what they are saying or are you part of the Real Food Revolution? Share if you want change.



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