Week 1

Welcome to the start of your new life as an A-List Star!

Here are the specifically designed weekly topics that help you get the most out of your 12-Week Transformation journey:

Week 1: The Health & Lifestyle Questionnaires
Week 2: New Habit Forming Rituals
Week 3: Alkaline Food Choices & Nature Walks
Week 4: Finding Your True Purpose Activity & Superfoods
Week 5: Metabolic Typing to Beat Cravings
Week 6: Positive Affirmations & Supplements
Week 7: Gratitude Work & Exploring Tastes
Week 8: Mirror Work For Confidence & Food Combining Principles
Week 9: Foam Rolling Tips & Meditation Basics
Week 10: Exploring Relationships & Difficulties
Week 11: Managing Plateaus & Moving Forwards
Week 12: Shift To Maintenance Meal Planning

Each week you will have a Checklist to complete, which you can find on the right hand side of this page. As you complete the tasks, tick them off. Your progress will be monitored in the ‘My Progress’ page. Don’t forget to upload your ‘Before’ Photo to the ‘My Progress’ page. NO ONE CAN SEE THIS EXCEPT YOU! You will want to see this in Week 12 to look at your transformation! Use it for motivation as well.

Below you will find the sections for the 4 Steps – The Diet Plan for this week and the Shopping List can be downloaded and printed, just follow the links. View the workouts on your phone or tablet to take them with you wherever you go, or you can also download and print the PDF version.

You must now complete the 4 PREPARATION TASKS before you can commence Week 1.

Click Here to View and Complete the Tasks.

WEEK 1 is also about preparing you and helping you succeed in the physical and mental challenge that lies before you now. This week I highly recommend you to take the time to complete the Health and Lifestyle Questionaires. You just have to download the spreadsheet, where you can complete the 6 questionnaires. Then it will tally up your scores to give you totals for each, then a combined total. This will help measure your starting level and guide your focus for improvement. It will also give you a good idea of what level of exercise is best for you to start at. There is more information in Step 3. Mindset (below).

I will be guiding and supporting you every step of the way. There is also help, guidance and new friendships waiting for you in the Exclusive Member’s Only Facebook Forum

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Step 1: Diet Plan

Shopping, Cooking & Following the Diet Plan


Below, I have provided you with a recommended breakfast, lunch and evening meal plus 2 snacks per day – all calorie counted and balanced to meet your nutritional requirements but also help you lose weight. You should not feel hungry – if you do, then consider if you are really thirsty as sometimes signals can get confused.

For weight loss, women should stick to an average of 1400 calories per day, and guys 1800. This includes three main meals as well as 2 small snacks. For even quicker weight loss, just have one snack for the day which will put women at 1200 calories for the day. Men will need 2-3 snacks each day to be at 1600-1800 calories.

Each Breakfast Recipe and Lunch Recipe range from 320-360kcal, Dinner Recipes are approximately 400kcal and snacks are around 120-150kcal. Therefore if you don’t like a certain meal or need to swap it for a Dairy Free, Gluten-Free or Vegetarian Option, you can choose another recipe in the same category. The average daily intake for women is 2000 calories and 2500 for men. With this 600-800 calorie deficit and increased movement, you should be on track to lose 1-1.5kgs a week.

You won’t need to hunt down any special ingredients – just print out my Shopping List and head to your local supermarket. There are 2 Shopping List options below – The Daily List where you can see the recipes for each day and what ingredients you need. This is easily customisable if you want to swap some recipes around. Otherwise, there is the Full Shopping List which lists what you need for the whole week if you want to follow the plan exactly.

Some of the recipes will ask you to make an extra portion and refrigerate it for leftovers so that you have enough for lunch to next day, or to freeze for the next time they come around. To feed your partner or family, double the recipes but make sure to divide up into the recommended portions. Find the detailed Recipes that are categorised in the Recipe section of the site.

Vegetarian Options

Vegetarians have 2 options.
Firstly, you can follow the Meal Plan shown in the table below and substitute the meat meals for any others in the Recipe Gallery under Vegetarian.

Secondly, you can download the A-List Body Guide: 21 Day Alkaline Eating Plan HERE and follow this easily adaptable to vegetarian Plan.

Vegetarians MUST read my post about how to increase plant protein and how to best change recipes into vegetarian. Read this HERE.



Week 1 Diet Plan and Shopping List

If you are pressed for time due to work, studying or family commitments then do your grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday and make your weeks’ worth of food in one night. Package it up, label the containers and pop in the fridge to grab at your convenience during the week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Banana and honey protein smoothie Ricotta and tomato on toast with green juice Antioxidant Blast smoothie and 1 slice of wholemeal or spelt toast Bircher Muesli Happy Green Smoothie Immune Booster Smoothie French toast
Snack Choose from list – save for a dessert after your lunch if you would prefer
Lunch Green machine wrap Quinoa, Black Bean and Avocado Salad Super food sushi Tuscan Chicken Soup with Pita Crustless quiche and salad Veggie Omelette Turkey, Corn & Sundried Tomato Wrap
Snack Choose from list – save for a dessert after your dinner  if you would prefer
Evening Meal Quinoa, Black Bean and Avocado Salad Tuscan Chicken Soup with Pita Grilled minute steak and summer kale salad Crustless quiche and salad Salmon noodle bowl Grilled minute steak and summer kale salad Rice and Goat’s cheese cakes


The menu is planned on a cycle so that you will see repeats of some of the recipes. Having a few meals in the freezer is really handy for when you are short of time – you can always substitute meals if you need to. If you would prefer not to eat the recommended meal on a day, for taste or allergy needs, then feel free to substitute with an option from another day, especially a Gluten Free or Vegetarian Option if desired.

Snacks can be eaten between meals, or kept to have as a dessert after your lunch or dinner if you would rather (light snacks during the day keeps your metabolism functioning which is great for weight loss, so I do recommend spreading the diet plan out to at least 5 times a day).


Most recipes will make a main meal and a lunch later in the week. Make sure that you cool and store leftovers in the fridge or freezer safely. Use lidded plastic tubs and use within 3 days if refrigerated or 8 weeks if frozen. When reheating food, ensure that it is piping hot throughout.


It is important to stay well hydrated and I recommend that you drink at least 2L of fluid a day. Ideally this will mostly be filtered water or non-caffeinated drinks


Should always be drunk immediately after blending to retain all the good nutrients.

Step 2: Your Workouts

Your Weekly Training Breakdown

Over the next 12 weeks you will be doing four different styles of training. The amount of sessions you do will build up over this period, with the 12-week mark being the maximum amount of exercise you should ever perform in any week.

The weekly training schedule is clearly set out so you don’t miss anything and you can easily stay on track. The four styles of training you will be doing are:

  1. Resistance Training
  2. Pilates – base conditioning
  3. Fat Burner Walks
  4. Stretching

These are the 30 minute Celebrity Trainer Workouts™. A Celebrity Trainer Workout™ is a fun way to get your strength training, toning and sculpting done. They are balanced in a way to get maximum benefit from a short amount of time. They incorporate stretching, core toning, functional strength exercises and positive affirmations.


In the first 4 weeks you will be required to do two 30-minute Pilates – Base Conditioning Sessions. If you want to be strong, lean and toned, you need to put the time into Base Conditioning. This is where you build the strong, inner foundations of your strength and posture that will support the higher intensity strength training you will be doing in the later weeks. The first 4 weeks also include some Pilates exercises in the circuits which help to build this strong foundation.


These are a 35-minute power walking session. This can dramatically improve recovery, quicken weight loss, clear your head, increase motivation and decrease stress. Do not do these directly before or after your Celebrity Trainer Workout. To do them on the same day, do one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This helps preserve your muscle gains.


You can compile your own unique stretch program in the Stretching section. You only need to stretch what is actually tight, and strengthen what is weak.



2 Celebrity Trainer Workouts™

1 Base Conditioning Pilates Session

2-3 Fat Burner Walks


2-3 Celebrity Trainer Workouts™

4-5 Fat Burner Walks

1 Full Stretch Session

WEEKS 9-12

3-4 Celebrity Trainer Workouts™

2-3 Fat Burner Walks

2 Full Stretch Sessions

This 12-week plan is progressively overloaded until the maximum amount of exercise in the Week 9-12 period. I do not recommend ever exercising more than this.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS FROM DAY 1: In weeks 1-4 we are building Base Conditioning and Core Stability while gently building gross strength and conditioning. In Weeks 5-8 we start building Strength Endurance. In Weeks 9-12 the main focus is gross Strength for optimal toning at fat burning, with stretching used as the extra recovery. Your body will need more time to rest, adapt and progress from the increased strength training.

After Week 12 you should start again at Week 1 level, revisiting base conditioning, though slightly sacrificing gross strength. This cycle will give you optimal base and gross strength, minimize risk of injury, keep your metabolism high, keep your body fat percentages low, stop any plateaus and give you the best health benefits that come from exercising regularly and in a correct and balanced way.


The Celebrity Trainer Workouts™ are circuit training routines which combine cardiovascular exercise with resistance training to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. The goal of the workout is to build strength and burn calories in an efficient manner. A timer is set and the required reps of each exercise are repeated continuously until the timer goes off. The Workouts are approximately 30 minutes in duration, need little equipment and are perfectly balanced and defined by the 3 S’s – Stretching, Strength and Stillness


We do three postural correction stretches, targeting the tight postural muscles, enabling the weaker muscles to activate and strengthen correctly during the strength circuits. For example, most clients cannot tone their glute muscles as their quads and hip flexors are so tight and dominant. When we stretch these out first, the glutes can activate, not only giving you a toned butt but also having effects of decreased lower back and knee pain. Do each stretch for 30 seconds on each side of your body.


Circuit 1 is always 4 exercises, repeated continuously through the rep ranges for 8 minutes. One minute break then repeat continuously through again for another 8 minutes.

Circuit 2 consists of two Core exercises, repeated through the rep ranges continuously for 6 minutes.


The Stillness section is important for reducing any stress hormones in your body, bringing your mind back into balance and centering your breath back again. There are 4 elements of Stillness which include doing a yoga pose for two minutes (triangle pose after a leg workout is a personal favorite). Re-stretching, a 3-minute meditation where you sit and focus on finding the breath in your belly and an Affirmation to be repeated 20 times with belief to yourself.


If you are stressed, be gentle to start with. Before you simply launch into a strenuous workout do a quick mental, emotional, physical “stress stocktake”. Decide whether your stress at the moment can handle any more. This isn’t an excuse to be lazy! But working out too hard when stressed can do more harm than good.

Try moving through the circuit slowly, focusing on the breath with each rep. Continue repeating the week until you can progress through a circuit completing it within the 30 minutes with minimal long breaks during the circuits. This is because the workouts get progressively harder, you don’t want to move on before you’re ready.

Don’t be discouraged! Over time your strength and endurance should both increase and you should find completing these exercises easier. You can also try just completing the Week 1 Friday Pilates Circuit as well as 2-3 Fat Burner Walks for the first 2 weeks to build up your strength and fitness slowly.

If you can’t complete an entire session, that’s fine too, know your limits. It will be best to continue repeating the week you’re on until you can complete the entire sessions of all 3 Celebrity Trainer Workouts for the week.


1. Spread the Celebrity Trainer Workouts sessions out evenly in your diary first and do not complete more than one a day if you are having a stressed out week.
2. Do not do your fat burner walk directly before or after your Celebrity Trainer Workout session. If you want to do it on the same day, split them between morning/night.
3. The stretch sessions in the later weeks can be done anytime during the week, but preferably before a Celebrity Trainer Workout session.


– Be warmed up before you start the Celebrity Trainer Workouts. A 5 minute fast walk or walking up and down stairs for a few minutes will help your muscles loosen up and start preparing you for exercise.
Read and understand all the exercises before you start. Get the Instructions for each exercise from the Exercise Gallery in the EXERCISES section.
– The circuits are high intensity, so if you are an absolute beginner you must build up a low level of fitness before you can begin. See the tips above for how to start as a beginner otherwise you are likely to feel dizzy or light headed.

Week 1 Workouts

Friday – Pilates

View Full VersionDownload PDF

2-3 Fat Burner Walks


Step 3: Mindset Activities


The  journey starts by understanding your current level of health. The following 6 questionnaires  will record and measure your improvement and rank your current level of health, wellbeing and stress. At the end of the 12 weeks you will be able to complete them again to see your improvement in these areas. The 6 questionnaires cover: What You Eat, When You Eat, Stress, Digestion, Sleep Habits, Fungus and Parasites.

As these questionnaires take about 15 minutes to fill out, feel free to complete now or by the end of Week 2 if you are busy. While they are optional, they are recommended. They provide a useful tool to give you a before and after measurement of your progress and improvements. 

Keep in mind, the questions are targeted mainly to a US audience, so some questions may not exactly match your countries food availability and quality standards. For more information check out www.chekinsitute.com©Chek Institute, California. 

Download the Excel Workbook via the link below. Click ‘Enable Editing’ and follow the instructions in the Workbook.

Results will indicate:

If your TOTAL SCORE is in the Green (Low) Section, this means that you can handle high intensity exercise straight away. You also have a good starting point for your diet and lifestyle planning as you are already eating quite well and handling stress. You have free-reign to choose whatever type of community exercise class you like. Team sports or Les Mills Gym Classes would be a good choice for you.

If your TOTAL SCORE is in the Orange (Moderate) Section, this means that you can handle moderate intensity exercise straight away. You also have an average starting point for your diet and lifestyle planning but there is room for improvement. The lifestyle and diet tips throughout the weeks will allow you to get your score down into the green (Low) section by Week 12. Look at the list of recommended exercise activities in Step 4: Secrets to Success Information, for ideas of which would suit your current stress levels. Dance, yoga and Pilates would be a good choice.

If your TOTAL SCORE is in the Red (High) Section, this means that you can only handle gentle, low intensity exercise to start with. You will learn a lot through the next 12 weeks that will positively change what you eat, when you eat, your digestion, stress and other lifestyle habits. Therefore, your learning and new habit integration throughout the weeks will allow you to get your score down into the green (Low) section by Week 12. Look at the list of recommended exercise activities in Step 4: Secrets to Success Information, for ideas of which workout options would suit your current stress levels. Yoga and walking would be good choices.


To know what type of exercise and it’s intensity to work out, look at the guide in Step 4 – Secrets to Success.

2. Moving in to the ACTION stage of change

When we first embark on a new change of habit/lifestyle the mindset training is always the understanding and the commitment of being in the ACTION phase of change. No longer are you contemplating a healthy change, weight loss, changing eating habits… you are doing it! Prochaska et al (1977) developed the Transtheoretical Model of behaviour change which assesses an individual’s readiness to act on a new healthier behaviour, and provides strategies, or processes of change to guide the individual through the stages of change to Action and Maintenance.

In the transtheoretical model, change is a “process involving progress through a series of stages:

  • Precontemplation (Not Ready)-“People are not intending to take action in the foreseeable future, and can be unaware that their behaviour is problematic”
  • Contemplation (Getting Ready)-“People are beginning to recognize that their behaviour is problematic, and start to look at the pros and cons of their continued actions”
  • Preparation (Ready)-“People are intending to take action in the immediate future, and may begin taking small steps toward behaviour change”
  • Action – “People have made specific overt modifications in modifying their problem behaviour or in acquiring new healthy behaviours”
  • Maintenance – “People have been able to sustain action for a while and are working to prevent relapse”
  • Determination – “Individuals have zero temptation and they are sure they will not return to their old unhealthy habit as a way of coping”

In addition, the researchers conceptualized “relapse” (recycling) which is not a stage in itself but rather the “return from Action or Maintenance to an earlier stage WHERE ARE YOU in Week 1? We need you to be in ACTION stage. Starting this Plan has got you there, Well Done!!! Get your head around it and have gratitude to yourself and others for the freedom to change, learn and better yourself. Changing procrastination to action makes you get the blender out, use it, plan ahead and realise you are only as busy as the things you have put into your life. Put weight loss at the top of your priority list! Here’s to eating and training and looking like the A-listers – and feeling fabulous!!!!

3. Take your ‘BEFORE’ Photo

Please take a BEFORE photo and display it in your MY PROGRESS page, so you can see the changes over the next 12 weeks!

This is so important! It is now YOU who people will be able to see, the one who lost lots of weight and has an amazing ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Photo to prove it! All the girls on the 12 Week A-List Body Transformation love that they can see their results. Let’s make sure YOU can show everyone how well you did. Add your BEFORE photo to your MY PROGRESS Page Now!

Celebrity Trainer Weight Loss
Jennifer Transformation

Celebrity Trainer - Jasmine
Jasmine Transformation

felicity weight loss
Felicity Transformation


The last step now is to download the Secrets to Success (in the pink box below) which will guide you through which exercise classes will be the best for you to join, going by your questionnaire score.

Good Luck this week preparing physically and mentally for your next 12 weeks and new lifestyle. This week there is a lot of information. Take it one step at a time. I hope you can learn a lot about what has been affecting your body, be it stress, sleep, diet or digestion. We will revisit the questionnaires at the end of the Plan to see how your scores have improved! 

As an A-Lister you work hard but the healthy, sexy body and new found confidence you get from it is worth it!

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Step 4: Secrets To Success

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