The Emma Watson Arms & Abs Workout!

Celebrity Trainer Workout
Get ready for amazing toned arms, shoulders and abs with this Free Celebrity Trainer Workout™.  If you are new to Celebrity Trainer Workouts™, here is the lowdown – they are perfectly balanced and defined by the 3 S’s – Stretching, Strength and Stillness.


We do three postural correction stretches, targeting the tight postural muscles, enabling the weaker muscles to activate and strengthen correctly during the strength circuits. For example, most clients struggle with hunched over shoulders from sitting at a computer. We have to stretch the tightened chest muscles first and then strengthen the upper back which rebalances the posture.


Circuit One is always 4 exercises, repeated continuously through the rep ranges for 8 minutes. One minute break then repeat continuously through again for another 8 minutes. This is a Arms & Abs Workout (pictured below), with the Shoulder Taps, Tricep Push Ups and Tricep Dips giving amazing shoulder and arm tightening results. This is how my actresses can look so great in strapless dresses.

Circuit 2 consists of two Core exercises, repeated through the rep ranges continuously for 6 minutes. I help shape and tone models and actresses abs by getting them to do a lot of lower abdominal and plank exercises. These help tighten and draw in the abs especially down low, below the belly button.


The Stillness section is important for reducing any stress hormones in your body, bringing your mind back into balance and centering your breath back again. There are 4 elements of Stillness which include doing a yoga pose for two minutes (Child’s Pose is so blissful after an arm workout!). Re-stretching, a 3-minute Breathing Space where you sit and focus on finding the breath in your belly and an Affirmation to be repeated 20 times with belief to yourself. These affirmations are so powerful in gaining clarity, boosting confidence and helping my A-Listers stay on top of their game.

So here it is, enjoy!

Celebrity Trainer Workout


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