Top 5 Apps For Fitness

Top 5 Apps For Fitness

Fitness is the key mantra to a healthy mind.A lot of times we get bored of doing the same exercise or just simply walking in the park.To bring a zing in your exercise routine , here are five apps that will encourage and motivate you to exercise harder.

These apps are very easy to install and you can keep a count on calories burnt and also find ways to exercise in the office.

Check out the top 5 Apps for fitness and

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1.MapMyRun GPS MapMyRun GPS app for androin

Yet another health and fitness app for Android that has become a hit among a massive number of Android fitness followers out there is definitely the MapMyRun GPS app. If running or jogging happens to be your favorite exercise regimen, then in that case you can now get your workout plans tracked with the assistance of MapMyRun GPS app. In order to get going with this app all you need to do is sign up on the same, which is again a user friendly and free of cost task. Moreover, this app is sure to keep you motivated, which would eventually result in improved body and shape related results

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2.Walk n’ Play download walk n' play app for android

Burn calories and have fun with Walk n’Play! Simply wear an iPhone and walk around. You are already in the game zone. You can either compete with intelligent simulators to achieve recommended physical activity, or enjoy real-time competition with your friends. This is a unique mix of health gaming with social networking.

Walk n’ Play is based on cutting edge Calorie calculation technology using iPhone’s embedded accelerometer. It provides accurate Calorie estimation wherever you attach the device (waist, arm, or pocket). Walk, play, and lose weight in a fun way!

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3.Fitocracy Workout Fitness Logdownload Fitocracy Workout Fitness app for android

Fitocracy motivates you and helps you succeed at fitness and level up in real life. We make exercise fun! Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Join the best fitness community on the planet and become the person you were meant to be.


1. Use our workout tracker to earn points and level up. Complete Quests for bonus points. Earn badges by reaching milestones.

2. Make friends with other Fitocrats. Follow them, give them props, and leave comments. Participating in a fitness social network will increase motivation.

3. Become more awesome.

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4.Runkeeper download Run Keeper App for android

GPS tracking for distance and speed monitoring. Stores activity history, like caloric output. Sync your data with an online account to also track your vital stats (weight, heart rate, etc).

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5.Nike+ Running download nike+ running app for android

The Nike+ Running App tracks your runs and helps you reach your goals-whether it’s running your first race, or setting a new personal record. From first-time runners to marathon veterans, you’ll get the measurement and motivation you need to run farther and faster than ever before. Welcome to the world’s greatest running community.


Stay on track, no matter where you are. On the trail, treadmill, or streets, your phone’s GPS and accelerometer accurately track your distance, pace and time. You can also track your metrics at every mile with in-run audio feedback.

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