How To Set & Achieve BIG Goals in 2016!

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I love this time of year! The start of a new year brings a great opportunity for reflection, goal setting and inspiration moving forward.

A lot of people ask me to help them with goal setting, so I am writing this post to share how I do my goal setting, reflection and inspiration for a New Year. My 3 tasks are insightful and guide me to live my life how I want to and I believe they are the key to happiness. Sometimes we can become so focused on a long-term goal that we need to check in and appreciate all the little goals that have been reached along the way.

So follow the directions below on how to write a journal for gratitude of what you have achieved in the past year, preparation for clear goals for your new year and how to create your Mind Map – for a clear path to future happiness to be the best you can be!

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Journal Note #1: List What You Achieved In 2015.

Writing these few things down in my journal is such a great way to start off a year in a positive way and allows amazing gratitude for what the previous brought to my life. I always start with what I achieved throughout the year. Write it down and have gratitude and appreciation for all your hard work and successes. Big things and small things – they all count. Reflect back on each one and realise and appreciate how well you have done.

what you achieved in 2014

Journal Note #2: Write Down Your Vision for 2016

Now write down what you would like to achieve in 2016. Start with big goals/achievements and add smaller stepping stone achievements that make up the big goal. List goals that cover all areas of your life – from personal growth, career, health, family/friendships, life activities/experiences etc.

This may include ‘get more sleep’, ‘stick to a better eating routine’, ‘schedule workouts for the week on Sundays’, ‘sign up to that class finally’, ‘plan for a better work/life balance’, ‘reduce alcohol’, ‘make time for meditation and weekly reflection’, ‘make more time for friends/family’ and lots more. What do you truly desire? What would your body, life, mind and spirit benefit from in 2016?

what you achieved in 2014

Journal Note #3: List What Makes You Happy.

Lastly, write a list of everything in your life that makes you happy. Friends, family, a partner, a certain activity, sports, reading, music, animals etc. I find the best way to do this is draw out a Mind Map. If you already have a Mind Map review it accordingly and check how many things on the Map are now included in your life.

Mind Map Step 1. Grab an A4 piece of paper.

Mind Map Step 2. Write down everything that makes you happy that you enjoy (whether you have it in your life now or not), branching out from the middle, which is where you will write and circle your name and the word happiness. Also list all the things that make you… YOU. These are things that you want, enjoy and value in life. For example I wrote – owning a golden retriever, living by the beach, nourishing my body with healthy food, doing a job I enjoy, doing a job that adds value to the world, yoga, singing, family, friends, a supportive relationship etc.

Make it colourful, but most importantly only write down things that YOU like, enjoy and value… not what someone else would expect you to like or do. It may flow freely or take even a few days to get the page filled. At the end you should see a map of everything that you love doing, believe in, and things you love and make you happy.

Now make it your mission to make more time for these things in 2016 and re-check that your vision for 2016 includes all these things and ways to get them. Then you will have goals that are important to YOU and it will not feel like a chore to please others.

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I hope you have a fantastic 2016. Please share with me in the comments below what your goals are for 2016!


emily drew

emily drew