Personalised Stretch Program


Compiled by:

Emily Drew
Exercise Physiologist
(Post.Grad Musculoskel.Rehabil, BSc ExScience, Chek Exercise Coach, Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach)

Based on the teaching of Paul Chek of the Chek Institute, Vista California. For more information visit



  • Easy to personalise – only stretch what you actually need to
  • Re-align your posture
  • Improve muscle imbalances and tightness
  • Stretch your body into its best alignment before your workout; therefore greatly reducing risk of injury.
  • Facilitate correct muscle activation and increase performance and recovery.
  • Correct any postural dysfunction and accelerate elimination of neck, back, shoulder and knee pain.
  • Relax and inhibit tonic/tightened muscles, which are stopping other phasic/weaker muscles from working correctly during exercise.

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