Personalised Stretch Program

Personalised Stretch Program


Compiled by:

Emily Drew
Exercise Physiologist
(Post.Grad Musculoskel.Rehabil, BSc ExScience, Chek Exercise Coach, Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach)

Based on the teaching of Paul Chek of the Chek Institute, Vista California. For more information visit


Use the following template to compile your own unique stretch program that is individualised to YOUR body.

On the following pages you will find pictures and directions for the corrective stretches that I use, and prescribe my A-List clients. YOU DO NOT NEED TO STRETCH EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE. Only tight muscles need to be stretched. Muscles that are loose and weak need STRENGTHENING. That is where the workouts come in. These stretches when done correctly can help you:

–        Re-align your posture

–        Improve muscle imbalances and tightness

–        Move your body into its best alignment before your workout; therefore greatly reducing risk of injury.

–        Facilitate correct muscle activation and increase performance and recovery.

–        Correct any postural dysfunction and accelerate elimination of neck, back, shoulder and knee pain.

–        Relax and inhibit tonic/tightened muscles, which are stopping other phasic/weaker muscles from working correctly during exercise.


  1. Start by trying each stretch. Do this by following the directions in the STRETCH DIRECTORY (Pages 5-13). If you feel a good stretch/ relief after completing the stretch use the PROGRAM PAGES (Pages 2-4, which contain just the images) to tick the box next to that stretch. The ticked stretches on the PROGRAM PAGES here will become your Personalised Stretch Program.
  2. If you do not feel a stretch while in the stretch position, do not tick the program page image, and just move on to the next stretch.
  3. If only one side of your body feels the stretch (eg: Left Hamstring) Tick the box and put an ’ L’ next to it.
  4. If both feel tight but the Left side feels much tighter; Tick the box and write ‘L R L’ next to it. Do that stretch 30 sec on Left, 30 sec on Right, 30 sec on Left every day for 10-14 days and the muscles should rebalance and correct. Then continue with L and R.

Based on the teachings of Paul Chek ©The Chek Institute, Vista, California.