6 Week Workout Challenge

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– At-Home Circuit Workouts
– Easy To Follow 6-Week Training Plan.
– Trusted trainer of @emmawatson and @emilysears
– Emily’s Celebrity Workout Secrets.
– Know EXACTLY What To Do Everyday
– Boost Energy and Motivation.
– Celebrity Trainer Workouts™ – Stretch, Strength, Stillness.
– Minimal Equipment Required!
– 140 Pages of Qualified Exercise Advice, Instructions & Tips.
– Exercise techniques that boost fat burning – without the need of boring, long cardio.
– Daily Affirmations For Loving Your Body.
– Suitable For Beginners to Advanced.
– Notice a Difference in 1 Week!



This Workout Guide is where I show you exactly how easy it is to do a workout – because it’s all clearly set out for you. My holistic wellness workouts are guaranteed to be beneficial to your health, posture, mind and stress levels. This is because as an accredited Exercise Physiologist and Chek Practitioner, every one of my 30-minute at home or gym workouts is scientifically constructed to balance your body correctly, shape and tone your muscles, decrease your stress hormones and increase your energy. There is no time for outdated and ineffective stress-promoting workouts such as treadmills, cardio and bootcamp. I am leading the ‘Wellness Workout Revolution’ where we train smarter, not harder. We heal and nurture our body with exercise using my 3-part workout session design: Stretch – Strength – Stillness.

I want you to be proud of your flat, toned abs from wellness workouts you can follow at home plus the secret alkaline food choices you will pick. I want you to feel energetic and have the strength to live your best life. Without fear. This is the ultimate ‘take anywhere’ Exercise Training Plan. No more wondering what exercises to do in the gym or at home! Instantly download this workout guide and complete the 30 minute circuit workouts either at home, outside or in the gym. Minimal equipment required! Do you want to lose belly fat? Stop feeling guilty? Get control back over your weight and health? This Plan will get you these results.


I am so confident you will love this Workout Plan and get the results you are after. I guarantee you will feel better, tone up and feel stronger from my workouts that I provide a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked.

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