12 Week A-List Body Transformation


12 Week A-List Body Transformation

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The 12 Week Online Program includes:

  • 12 Week Workout Plan
  • Celebrity Trainer Workouts™ – At Home, Outside & Gym Workout Options
  • Weekly Mindset Activities for building self-esteem, personal growth and confidence
  • Delicious Recipes to choose from
  • Weekly Shopping lists
  • Emily's A-List Body Eating Guidelines
  • Weight Loss Secrets To Success
  • Stretch Program for posture & recovery
  • Weekly Checklists to keep on track
  • Private Forum & daily support
  • Effective workouts under 30 minutes
  • Professionally Endorsed by Doctors, Dieticians and Nutritionists



“I want to offer you cutting edge information at the touch of a button. Do you want to be your healthiest, fittest & happiest but you don’t know where to start? This 12 Week Weight Loss and Transformation Program can help you! Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or meat eater, I have you covered with my recipe gallery and options! I have laid out every meal and every workout for the gym or at home in case you can’t get to a gym… with daily and weekly checklists to stay on track. I also provide an online support community filled with members just like you who need support and encouragement, making sure you stay on track every single day! So much more can be achieved when you are not on your own! Oh and you also get LIFETIME Membership so you never have to pay another cent!”

Alison – Perth

12 Week A-List Body Transformation

I have lost 8 kgs on the plan, lost my belly and feel so strong and amazing! I am going to start again at Week 1! The 12 Week Transformation Program has been so amazing and an easy to adapt lifestyle, with the fun Celebrity Trainer Workouts that I love doing at home. These tips really get results! This is the first guide that I have followed that I have been able to stick to! Thank you Emily for your amazing program and giving me my health and confidence back!


Every week there is a new topic which includes valuable information and allows you to grow. The Celebrity Trainer Workouts™ are scientifically designed to de-stress, burn fat, increase your energy and get you results!

As well as your fun workouts, weekly alkaline meal plans and shopping lists, there are life changing topics that we progress through that set you up for you best and happiest life. Here are the weekly information topics for your 12-Week Transformation journey:

Week 1: The Health & Lifestyle Questionnaires
Week 2: New Habit Forming Rituals
Week 3: Alkaline Food Choices & Nature Walks
Week 4: Finding Your True Purpose Activity & Superfoods
Week 5: Metabolic Typing to Beat Cravings
Week 6: Positive Affirmations & Supplements
Week 7: Gratitude Work & Exploring Tastes
Week 8: Mirror Work For Confidence & Food Combining Principles
Week 9: Foam Rolling Tips & Meditation Basics
Week 10: Exploring Relationships & Difficulties
Week 11: Managing Plateaus & Moving Forwards
Week 12: Shift To Maintenance Meal Planning

Join my online family today and let’s do this together!


Emma Watson

Actress – Harry Potter, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Noah.

Emily met Emma in 2011 and became her live-in trainer and nutritionist while she studied her year at Oxford University. Emma then took Emily to New York with her while she filmed the movie Noah with Russell Crowe, again as her live-in trainer and nutritionist.

Emma Watson

Emily, Thank you for everything you have done for me in Oxford as well as New York while I was filming Noah!

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Weekly topics

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