10km Run Training Program


An 8-Week Progressive Training Program that will guide you to safely and effectively run a 10km Race.

If you are aiming to complete your first 10km event, then this training program is for you. Running is a high-intensity exercise, so you need to make sure that you have the energy and a recovery diet plan to undertake this program. To check if you do, fill out the free online Stress & Lifestyle Assessment which is included in this FREE download.



Weekly Training Plan made up of:

  • Stretch & Strength Session
  • Speed Interval Sessions
  • Long Run Session
  • Distance Run Sessions
  • Rest Sessions

Everyone is an individual and your base level of fitness may vary. For those who have already been doing some running, this general program should give you all the stamina and endurance you will need to complete a 10km event feeling strong. If you are new to running and some of the first few weeks of this training guide are a little challenging, consider completing a 5km first to give yourself a base.

This 8-week training guide is just that, a guide, so feel free to be a little flexible with it to make it work for you. Remember this is an 8-week program and you don’t need to go too hard, too soon – that is what demotivates people or causes injury. Build your way into it.

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