Alkaline Green Smoothie

Fresh green smoothie emily drew

With the Holiday Season in full swing now, it is inevitable we are going to be surrounded by tons of food, and not all of this may be healthy. So if you have already overindulged, I have put together an awesome detox smoothie recipe to you de-bloat and cleanse! So for those of us who may have eaten a little too much and are in need of some relief, here it is…

Alkaline Green Smoothie

1 handful organic spinach or kale leaves
1 celery stick
Big squeeze lemon juice
1 frozen banana
1 sprig of parsley
Handful of fresh pineapple
1 tsp chia or flaxseeds
1 tbsp of Amazonia Certified Organic RAW protein (optional but recommended to balance smoothie)
1 cup of RawC Coconut Water or Filtered Water