What It’s Really Like Being A Celebrity Fitness Trainer

What It’s Really Like Being A Celebrity Fitness Trainer

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Ever wondered what it is like to be part of the exciting, fast-paced, crazy, superficial, luxurious and extravagant world that the A-Listers live in? As a Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist, I get full access to this whole other world. You may think that you can imagine what it is like, but even my imagination could not have prepared me for the real experience!

Celebrity life is not for the feint-hearted. Multiply your busiest day this year by ten and that is the pace of a normal day of an A-Lister. They can have a stylist come to their house and dress them in three designer outfits for upcoming red carpet events before breakfast. Then they can have someone like me cook them amazing alkaline, fat blasting breakfast while they catch up on the 50 missed calls they got while they were with the stylist. At some point I will be there to make sure they breathe, stretch and follow me for a run outside or a fitness dance session in the penthouse. If they get the chance between the film set, the photo shoots, the promotional work, interviews, shopping, performance classes and the exclusive parties each night, they may remember to eat. If I am there to remind them.

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Then there are times when I am required to not just be a fitness trainer, but support staff and friend.This is when I get the ‘Pretty Woman’ moments as I like to call them. I sometimes help my A-listers who are too famous to just walk down the street by helping them run errands. So as it goes in Pretty Woman, sometimes I can spend 30 minutes inside a designer boutique store and be completely ignored by the sales women. This always seems to be unfortunately, after I have done an exercise session with one of my girls and I am standing at the counter with my post-workout glow and maybe a few strands of hair out of place. One time I had to interrupt the saleswoman from chit-chatting (to whom I assumed was another important customer), only to find out she’s just the other saleswoman all along. Fifteen minutes after that I was lazily pointed in a direction. When I finally found and tried to purchase the item after 45 minutes, they saw the name on the credit card I was using. I then immediately became the most important person in the universe. I was then offered free and recommended products, with smiles and service that would even make the Queen of England blush. My comment of ‘I have been waiting to be served for 45 minutes so ‘insert famous name’ will not be happy as you have now made me and her very late’. The worried looks gave me the Julia Roberts ‘Big Mistake’ satisfaction as I grinned and walked out.

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Anyway, back to my real job, as a ‘live-in’ celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist I can absolutely see, how a busy, hectic life can wreak havoc on your ability to plan healthy meals and exercise each day.
From my experience though, without this nutritious food and daily exercise,you cannot keep looking and feeling your best. You speed up the aging process. Weight starts to pile on slowly. Energy levels start lagging.The only way to stop this is to make preparing good food and exercising a much higher priority.What is the point of becoming so successful at your job and/or being a mother,if you look 10 years older, overweight and your body is unhealthy? If you can’t look after yourself, how can you expect to have the energy to look after others?

I feel the real reason we look up to celebrities and idolise them is that they are the ones who actually do both. They have found the way to be hard working and successful, as well as look great too! All of us have the potential to do this! We can succeed at our jobs and be an amazing mother/wife/girlfriend/sister/friend and look after ourselves.If you are smart, you can have busy lives just like the celebrities and mix good food and exercise in too, you are not only successful but look and feel great too. What a winning combination!

I like to educate my girls that you can have both! I know you are extremely busy, important, stressed and tired; but good food and exercise can be part of your day. I believe you need to ‘Train Smarter, Not Harder”. It is all about being disciplined, and learning the tricks so it is easy and possible.

So would you be interested in learning how to Eat and Train Like An A-Lister? So you can be successful, healthyand the beautiful celebrity in your life?

I have such a passion for helping women to really shine and showing them that they can look and feel like the amazing superstar they dream of, no matter how busy!

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I look forward to sharing my adventures in my A-list life with you through my blog.


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