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The Emma Watson Arms & Abs Workout!

Get ready for amazing toned arms, shoulders and abs with this Free Celebrity Trainer Workout™.  If you are new to Celebrity Trainer Workouts™, here is the lowdown – they are perfectly balanced and defined by the 3 S’s – Stretching, Str


Here’s How To Get Amazing Legs Without Leaving The House!

So you want toned, amazing legs without leaving the house? No time and money for a gym? No problem! This tried and tested at-home workout is guaranteed to have your legs and butt looking toned and amazing in no time! There are 2 circuits, with 2 exer


The BEST Workout For Your BUTT!

Introducing the Hollywood Smile Squats – The Best Workout For Your Butt!   Here is the best butt workout you can do without adding any more time to your day! We all know how hard it is to find the time and the motivation to exercise each d


What Swiss Ball Size Do I Need?

This is a question that I have received countless times throughout the years. The question of what Swiss Ball size do I need can be challenging, as the main issue is that there is sometimes not one right answer! I have created this Guide to help you


The Flat Ab Workout

Toned abs never go out of style, so don’t cover them up any longer! As a celebrity trainer, I understand the importance of a sexy, toned midsection for myself and my clients. I love and teach these 5 favourite Ab toning exercises to my stars as


Top 5 Apps For Fitness

Fitness is the key mantra to a healthy mind.A lot of times we get bored of doing the same exercise or just simply walking in the park.To bring a zing in your exercise routine , here are five apps that will encourage and motivate you to exercise harde