The BEST Workout For Your BUTT!

smile squats

Introducing the Hollywood Smile Squats
– The Best Workout For Your Butt!


Here is the best butt workout you can do without adding any more time to your day! We all know how hard it is to find the time and the motivation to exercise each day. You know that you really should find the time, and you start wishing it were as easy as it used to be to stay in shape. But there always seems to be something else, either work, the kids, deadlines, chores and errands that take over your whole day, leaving you exhausted, stressed and out of time. It’s time to train smarter not harder!

I live and educate the philosophy: “The more ‘you time’ you actively include your life, the more enhanced and enriched your ‘family time” and ‘work time’ become. Looking after and nourishing your body, directly and positively impacts your family and your work, as the increased energy, health and self-love you have for yourself, the more you can give out to others.”

So how do you add ‘you’ time to your already crazy life? It’s all about prioritizing, which means placing your health and wellbeing much higher on your priority list. If you don’t take the time to look after and nurture yourself, you will not have the energy, health and satisfaction of a fulfilled life. So this means daily movement, nutritious food, keeping your health and weight in check, and allowing yourself at least 30 minutes a day to just breathe, have fun and relax.”

So let’s start today! Go and find a quiet spot, relax and write down your new short and long term personal goals. Write them down, then honour these goals by making the time. Thirty minutes a day for yourself will allow you to become happier, healthier, more energetic and more focused. Then just watch how this new energy positively affects all the others around you. Be the person that everyone else wishes to be, the one that takes the time for their own body and health and who therefore radiates confidence, health, love and happiness.

Here are my top tips to get started – “Build exercise into your life, by training smarter not harder. Try this one at home and just watch those thighs and butt tone up:

smile squatsbest butt workout

Emily’s “Hollywood Smile Squats”

I teach my Smile Squats to anyone who is super busy and needs to be smart about finding the time to exercise. I recommend these squats for their bottom-lifting and leg-shaping benefits, so therefore you can achieve amazing toned butt and thighs without any extra time added to your day, with a great smile to match!

Brushing your teeth twice a day for 3 minutes is so important for oral health and to achieve a great Hollywood Smile. So twice a day as you brush your teeth, do your Sumo Squats (also known by the feminine name pli squat). Set your timer for 3 minutes or count to 60 squats. Don’t forget to floss for 1 minute afterwards!


  1. Stand with legs wide and toes pointed outward slightly.
  2. Bend down, moving from the hips not the knees, until just before your knees get to a 90° angle, checking that your knees do not move forward over your toes. Then straighten your legs. This completes one rep.
  3. Squat for the 3 minutes of teeth brushing or approx. 60 reps.
  4. WRITE on a sticky note “Do Smile Squats” and put it on your bathroom mirror to remember!

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