How To Get Back On Track After The Easter Binge

6 ways to survive the easter binge

Went a little overboard this Easter weekend with the hot crossed buns and Easter bunnies? Feeling a bit slow, sluggish and unmotivated? The bad news is you can’t undo it with extreme exercise or starving yourself for the next week. The good news is you can start fresh today and commit to healthy eating and regular exercise, which will have you on the way to feeling amazing!

Here are my top tips for how to get back on track after an Easter binge:

1. Get Rid Of The Excess

Just because you are given a heap of Easter eggs and bunnies as gifts, doesn’t mean you have to eat them all! Give them away. Or, if you’ve got no one to give them to, BIN THEM! It only takes one moment of strength to throw the lot in the bin. Leaving them on the kitchen bench or in the fridge will no doubt lead to them getting eaten sooner or later.

easter binge

2. Stabilise Your Blood Sugar Levels

After a big sugar binge our blood sugar levels literally take a roller coaster ride, which leads to never-ending carb cravings. Stop and think! Stay away from the refined carbs such as sugar, white bread, and chocolate, instead go for foods that give you energy and vitality. Instead of reaching for the leftover hot crossed buns, slice up some apples, spread nut butter on them and sprinkle with cinnamon. Cinnamon is fantastic for stabilising blood sugar levels and it helps with cravings. 

easter binge

3. Get Back To Exercising ASAP

Exercise is known to help stabilise blood sugar levels, and it produces endorphins -the ‘feel good’ hormones. And after doing it, it makes us think about it twice whether we want to reach for those naughty leftovers. Knowing it takes a 20 minute run to work of 1 single chocolate bar, is it really worth it? Even if you can only do a 30 minute walk, grab your sister, friend or dog and get on it! After the initial 10 mins it will feel great.

6 ways to survive the easter binge


4. Have A Protein Snack Every 3 Hours

Nuts, seeds, sliced turkey, or some protein bliss balls are all great protein snacks, which help you keep your blood sugar levels from dropping and keep you full for longer.

6 ways to survive the easter binge

5. Give Your Liver A Break – Drink Water!

We all know alcohol is bad for us, yet we drink anyway. After a long weekend of drinking, you should really nourish your liver and be grateful for all the things it does for you including detoxification, bile production, hormone function, and regulating cholesterol. 

Prepare your daily lemon water in the morning (starting again today) and start flushing out the toxins. Keep a jug at your desk and sip throughout the day. Aim for at least 2L per day.

6 ways to survive the easter binge

6. Portion Control

Your stomach is about the size of your fist, but it can stretch up to 6x of its size to accommodate the foods you eat. It is easy to overeat because the chemicals that signal your brain that you are full, don’t kick in for about 20 minutes. To avoid overeating, know your portions, and eat small meals more often. If you still feel the need to fill up your plate, make sure it’s full of veggies of all colours; leafy greens, light refreshing salads and energising plant base foods with good sources of protein such as lean chicken, turkey or fish.

7 ways to survive the easter binge

Fun Fitness Activity: Grown-Ups Easter Hunt

Who said running around a garden looking for fun things is only for kids? For a bit of fun, get either some real eggs, fun nick nacks or anything you can find and get someone to hide them around your garden or park nearby. Make sure you count how many items you hide! Then get them to time how long it takes you to run around and retrieve all of the items. When you have your time, it is your turn to go around and hide them for the other person and up to them to beat your time. Repeat.



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