Why Being Acidic Makes Us Fat.

Why being acidic makes you fat
Being acidic makes you fat as well as damages your health. Here are the 7 top reasons why you have to avoid acids and stay alkaline!

pH stands for potential of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered to be neutral. A pH less than 7 is said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline. Our ideal pH is slightly alkaline – 7.2 to 7.4. Having a pH of under 7.2 causes acidosis, which can have the following negative effects on your health:

Acidosis Makes Us Fat!

The body creates fat cells in order to protect our organs from excess acids. The fat is designed to carry these acid wastes away to other, less critical areas of the body and it clings to these organs to provide protection. Once the body is rid of acid wastes (through a healthier diet and exercise) it no longer needs to hang onto these fats for protection and it lets them go.

Cancer breeds in an acidic environment

An acidic environment breeds mutated cells and inhibits cellular regeneration. An acid pH dramatically accelerates the possibility of the formation of mutated cells – otherwise known as cancer. For healthy cell regeneration – a cell pH CANNOT BE ACIDIC. Though for a cancer cell to grow, it has been proven that the cell pH HAS to be ACIDIC! Cancerous cells cannot contain hydrogen atoms – and alkaline balanced, healthy cells contain plenty of hydrogen. In fact, the addition of hydrogen to cancerous cells actually heals them!

Encourages yeast and fungal growth

Yeast and fungus thrive in an acidic environment and this can also contribute to weight gain because of this disruption in our digestive system. Acidosis inhibits your system to properly process foods and extract the full nutrition from the foods that you eat. Therefore, your body is always telling you that you are hungry with the yeasts and fungus making you hungry for more sugar which they feed on, further fuelling the yeast growth. When you following a diet of mostly alkaline foods (raw and fresh vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds and pure alkaline water) will clean your system of the fungus and yeast overgrowth and will also help then to flush your body of the excess fat that it has been hanging on to.

Acidosis Takes Your Energy!

The kidneys are in charge of filtering fluids and purifying our blood. If the body is overwhelmed by excess acids, compensatory mechanisms spring into action, one of them is the pulling of alkaline minerals from your bones and dumping them in the blood. This removal of alkaline minerals (particularly calcium) inhibits the body’s ability to use stored energy reserves, preventing efficient and effective cellular and body metabolism. This drains our bodies of energy, making us feel sluggish, tired and cloudy. Unfortunately this also comes with the leaching of calcium from our bones, where osteoporosis very often follows as well as a calcium build-up in the kidneys causing painful kidney stones.

Causes Free-Radical Damage and Premature Aging!

Acidosis is a symptom of – and a cause of – oxidative stress and lipid breakdown. The effect of this is that free radical damage is then promoted, attacking cell walls and membranes before killing the cells themselves. The outcome of this? Wrinkles, age spots, dysfunctional hormonal systems, poor eyesight, bad memory and foggy thinking – at the very least.

Causes Allergies and Excess Mucus (yuck!)

Excess mucus, soreness, swelling and eczema are all ways for the body to eliminate toxins. Mucus is normal. It is just another mechanism by which the body eliminates toxins. The constant intake of acidic foods which always contain toxins, causes so much excess mucus which becomes cloudy, thick and sticky as it tries to coat everything we ingest in order to trap the toxins in. The worst offenders are dairy products, white flour and pastas, animal protein, chocolate, alcohol and coffee. The mycotoxins that thrive in an acidic environment severely stress the immune system leading to it being constantly overworked and stimulated into response mode creating and enhancing allergies.

Causes Bad Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Problems!

When we create an acidic environment in our bodies – the body creates LDL-Cholesterol at an accelerated rate. This LDL Cholesterol then causes huge amounts of clogging and cardiovascular problems. Acidosis is also to blame for venous vasoconstriction (meaning a decrease in diameter of the blood vessels) – which further adds to the workload of the heart and raises blood pressure!

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