About Emily

Emily Drew
Exercise Physiologist

Post Grad Muscskel Rehab,BSc Ex.Sci, CHEK Exercise Coach.

Hey Beautiful, I’m Em 🙂 If you are here because you need some direction in your exercise and eating routine… then you are in the right place. Helping you get toned, lose stubborn body fat and uncover your dream body is everything to me. As an Aussie hanging out in Hollywood for a few years, I’ve decided to take my programs and professional expertise online so YOU and anyone around the world can benefit from my diet, fitness and lifestyle advice. So take my hand and I will walk with you every step of the way towards that body and life you deserve.


  • Post. Grad Musculoskeletal & Neurological Rehabilitation
  • BSc Exercise Science
  • CHEK Exercise Coach – Scientific Core Conditioning, Scientific Back Training, Program Design
  • Exercise Prescription for Long Term Neurological Disorders
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • 10 years health and fitness industry experience

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and I have spent the last 4 years living in Oxford, UK and during that time in New York as a live-in trainer and nutritionist for the actress Emma Watson. I have also enjoyed working with the International bikini model Emily Sears, the singer Lee Ryan (Blue) and a whole range of fantastic A-List and regular clients, using movement, diet, meditation, breathing and stress reducing techniques to help them improve their quality of life and reach their highest potential. Read My Story HERE.

When I first came to train with Emily Drew I had a goal of becoming a bikini model; however both my self confidence and body needed work. I highly recommend Emily Drew to anyone interested in achieving any weight loss or fitness goals- regardless of how ambitious. I definitely could not have gotten this far without her.

Emily Sears(International swimwear model featured in GQ, FHM, MAXIM)

Emily Sears

Questions to Celebrity Trainer Emily

  • What experience have you had that helps guide women to health and happiness?My experiences of being a live-in nutritionist and trainer for A-list Celebrities in the UK, New York, Paris and LA, has allowed me to understand, teach, guide and educate women on clean healthy eating, enjoyable movement and mindset training, even to those with the busiest and demanding of schedules. I am so passionate about helping women find their personal power, self-belief, true purpose and that secret individual superstar they have inside them – that unlocks them to be powerful, happy, healthy and radiant; reaching their full potential.
  • What makes you happy?Happiness to me is living a life with real food, nature, fun enjoyable exercise, time for rest, my puppy, singing, dancing and the feeling of knowing who I truly am. Gaining strength, power and knowledge from the lessons and challenges that life has put in my path, allowing me to move towards the real, authentic me. This has allowed me to identify with the process that all women need to go through to find good health, self-love and inner peace which I believe creates real, genuine happiness.
  • How have your experiences been training celebrities?It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, challenges, fun, courage and self mastery over the last few years!!
  • What sort of women come to you for help?As an Exercise Physiologist and health and lifestyle coach, people come to me all the time wanting to lose weight and become healthier. Some are depressed about how much they weigh. Others are frustrated because they drop a few kilos, only to put them right back on. Some want my help because they feel defeated or their weight loss has plateaued.

emily drew