4 Rules To Re-Invent Your Shape & Build Lean Muscle

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How do you get trim, taut and terrific…fast? Many women are misguided on how to best workout for a lean and feminine physique. They avoid certain exercises like using weights because they fear they’ll become “bulky”. But in reality weights affect males and females differently and by avoiding them women miss out on a range of benefits. We need strong muscles to support our bodies, and of course to increase our fat burning potential. So how can we increase muscle strength and toning, without increasing muscle size?

Erase what you have previously thought about resistance training, and embrace a new way of thinking and exercising. Since the main goal is to get lean and strong, you have to use resistance training, aka lift some weights in some fashion. But, never fear! With my tips you’ll lift the right way, and with the proper technique to help you gain lean muscles, reinvent your shape and boost your confidence.


RULE #1: Don’t Just Focus On Cardio

By only using cardio as your workout, you are not setting your body up for success. By incorporating lifting weights into your program you’ll supercharge your body’s fat burning potential, and amp up the number of calories you burn each day. Add weight training today in order to get a toned and lean body. When you do long duration aerobic exercise you flood your body with stress hormones. Many studies show that you can not burn fat (especially around your stomach) when you are full of stress hormones such as cortisol.

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RULE #2: Add Plyometric Training Into Your Routine

High intensity circuit training mixed with plyometric training aka “jump training”, is one of the best ways to achieve this. With this style of exercise, you are pushing your muscles to the max, and using MORE of the muscle fibers. Exercises like skipping, jump squats, jump lunges and box jumps torch fat without building bulk. These exercises will allow you to lift heavier weight, and increase your fat burning potential, but will not change the actual size of your muscle. So basically you will become stronger and smaller. Getting a lean body is as easy as a hop, skip and a jump.

4 rules to build lean muscle and reinvent your shape

RULE #3: Add Protein

Protein is the building block of muscle. So you’ll need to increase your intake to repair and strengthen your muscles, especially after a weights session. A carb and protein combination especially at breakfast not only helps your body burn fat but also makes you feel fuller for longer and eat less at lunchtime, but also helps your body burn fat. Protein is great as it gives you consistent slow- release energy that helps you resist junk food cravings whilst keeping your blood sugar levels steady. For an appetising breakfast try rye bread with poached eggs, spinach and tomato or protein pancakes using an organic plant protein powder mixed in.

4 rules to build lean muscle and reinvent your shape

RULE #4: Make Sure You Use Enough Weight

We all know how dull and sluggish we get when we are stuck in a rut. Well, your body reacts in the same way to repetitious exercises. It is important to challenge your muscles constantly, yet safely, in order to continue building lean muscle that will burn away fat! Using heavier weights with fewer reps (10-15 max) is better than lighter with more reps (20+) when you are trying to build up muscle and tone. Stick with 10-15 reps max but make sure it’s challenging!

It really is this simple. The answer to your toned body is high intensity (heavier weights), short resistance training sessions. Coupled with some added plyometrics such as skipping and jumping, you will change your shape to be smaller, stronger, leaner and more toned in no time. Repair your muscles with quality protein in your diet and adequate rest and you will start to quickly transform into a fat burning machine! With just 30 minutes of this type of exercise, three times a week, you can burn so much more fat than if you spent hours at the gym. It is all about efficiency!

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